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How to Use Juicing for Cure Ailments Perfectly

Juices once used to be an occasional drink brought from a store or a juice stand. Now a wide majority of people have taken them up as a regular diet and extract homemade juice via a juicer. Cold press juicers are the latest types of juicers being used nowadays since they make absolutely certain that the juices extracted through them have the highest nutritional value possible. Did you know that juices, which are so rich in nutrients and antioxidants, are also used as a cure for many diseases? Why jump straight to medicinal solutions when you can find natural ways of curing the disease which are just as effective without causing any side effects?

Juice therapy is simple and effective and will not take much of your time. You will simply need to select a bunch of fruits and vegetables which are the most beneficial to treat your ailment and extract juice from them using your cold press juicer. You will not even need to cut most of the fruits and vegetables since the feed chute of most juicers are wide enough to allow whole fruits to pass. For faster recovery you need the maximum nutrients you can get from juices which is why it is very important to consume the drink as soon as it is prepared. The longer you wait before consuming it the more nutrients it will start losing.

Although juices can provide much help in treating your ailment, the ingredients you choose will determine just how beneficial the juice is for you in a particular condition. This is why you will need to pick the fruits and vegetables wisely depending on what you are using it as a treatment for. To help you out, we have provided a list of health conditions which can be treated through juices and the ingredients you should use for each:


Many people nowadays suffer from acne on different parts of their skin. If you are trying to treat your acne, fresh fruit juices made with the addition of cucumbers, pears, tomatoes and grapes can prove very helpful.


This is another common problem which may arise due to several reasons including an unhealthy diet. You can treat it with healthy juices made with fruits and vegetables which are rich in alkaline elements to balance out the acidity of your body. Using fruits and vegetables such as carrots, grapes, spinach and oranges can be quite beneficial for you.


Headache is a common problem nowadays especially with the tiresome jobs and excessive use of mobile phones and laptops. Juices can be quite refreshing to help draw your headache away. Use grapes, spinach, lemons and lettuce in your juice to help treat headache.

Kidney problems:

Kidney problems can be avoided and also treated using fruits like apples, cucumbers, lemon, oranges and beetroot. Try to include more of these ingredients in the juices you make.

These are only some of the conditions that we have mentioned which you can treat with healthy homemade juices. There are also countless other benefits which fresh juices provide you with.

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Hacks for Using Blender Easily

A blender can considerably save your time in the kitchen by easily blending and more quickly pureeing foods. Blenders vary in terms of their type and design, features, power, and accessories. They are ideal for making shakes and smoothies, salad dressings, mixing pancake or cake batter, making salsa, making purees and sauces, and blending baby food. Here are a few tips on how to use the blender:

  • For many blending tasks, pulse is often more appropriate and sufficient.
  • Avoid running your blender longer than required and extended operation as some of the blenders are not equipped with overload protection.
  • Do not operate the blender until the blender jug or jar has been securely placed on the base unit.
  • Always hold down the lid while operating the blender despite how tightly the lid is fastened on the jar.
  • Avoid operating the blender without placing the lid on it as even small quantities of food can create a big mess in the absence of the lid being securely placed.
  • To easily clean between different blending batches, add a small amount of dish-washing liquid or detergent and warm water to the jug, and pulse. Rinse the jug thoroughly.
  • One the entire blending tasks are completed, disassemble the lid, blade, and jar from the unit and wash them carefully.
  • Avoid completely filling the blender and leave at least one third room for expansion.
  • Put liquid ingredients first in the jar and hard ingredients at the last. This would ease blending and ensure a uniform consistency is reached.
  • Cut food items such as vegetables in smaller portions to ensure proper food circulation around the blade.
  • Check for your blender’s product information to confirm if it is capable of blending hot items. Carefully blend hot liquids if your blender supports so. Start with the lowest speed and take off the lid cap so that steam would escape. 
  • If you do not have the product information for your blender and are confused in terms of extended food processing and ice crushing functions, you can assume that it can blend, stir, puree, or mix thin batters, dressings, liquids, and soft foods.
  • Before changing the speed settings of your blender, allow it to completely come to a stop.
  • Never immerse the main base unit of the blender in water. For cleaning the base unit, wipe its exterior for any spills and dirt using a damp cloth. Ensure that the appliance has been unplugged when you are cleaning the base unit.

With these tips you can use your blender efficiently and safely.

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Cooking Tricks With Food Processor

The present day hectic routine makes it too strenuous for spending extra time or cooking. With quick cooking recipes and tricks one can spend lesser time in the kitchen while not compromising on taste. You can get yourself a food processor to help you in magical ways for doing the tedious tough kitchen tasks. Here are some tips for quick cooking using your food processor:  

  1. Your food processor could be of great help for mixing and kneading pizza dough in less than 3 minutes. Though it would require extra time for the dough to rise.
  2. You can also grind hamburgers within seconds using your food processor.
  3. Food processors could allow you to mince chicken with mayonnaise or salmon with cream cheese for making a sandwich spread.
  4. You can also puree the leftovers in your food processor for making baby food. There are specialized baby food makers also available in the market that are capable of not only blending and chopping but also steaming and warming as well.
  5. Food processors can also grate cheese much quicker than a box grater.
  6. You can also make soups using extra-ripe melon, cherries, or tomatoes and your food processor.
  7. Food processors are also of great help for making preservative-free nut butter like cashew butter, peanut butter, almond butter, etc.
  8. Mayonnaise could be whipped up in five minutes in your food processor. All you need is just egg yolk, oil, and a little vinegar and your homemade mayonnaise is ready within five minutes!
  9. Food processors can help you grate chocolate in bulk. This would be quite enough for dusting over cupcakes for a large party!
  10. You can easily mince or grind meat for making the perfect meatballs, burger patties, or kebabs using your food processor.
  11. Your food processor could help you in slicing, grating or chopping vegetables for making curries, salsa, or salad.
  12. Food processor could be of great help for making sauce instantly.
  13. You can also turn oats into flour just by pulsing in your food processor.
  14. The food processor can also aid in making the perfect Hummus or Falafel. 
  15. You can also prepare the perfect desserts using your food processor. Whether it be fruit yogurt, popsicles, sorbets, and even some cakes, your food processor can help you achieve the perfect consistency and making the perfect desserts just within minutes.
  16. Your food processor could also help you in making yummy milkshakes and smoothies.

If you are the one who does not want to spend extra time in the kitchen while ensuring the same taste, get yourself a food processor and try these tips. We are sure they would help you in cooking like a pro while saving on your time and effort.

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